TMBAA Membership meeting highlights

Homecoming is a question mark. Our website is live (Obviously, or you wouldn’t be reading this). Membership exceeds goals. We’re strong financially.

That, in a nutshell, summarizes the TMBAA’s annual membership meeting on June 28. About 85 alums attended the meeting, which is almost 30 percent of our membership. Not bad for a Sunday summer afternoon. 

Here’s a recap of the meeting:

Homecoming: Jan Berkeley

  • Because of COVID-19, the football season and spectator attendance are in jeopardy. We’re continuing to make plans; if homecoming is postponed, these plans will be implemented next year.
  • This year’s homecoming is scheduled for Nov. 14, alumni registration will run through Oct. 24. 
  • The jock rally will be held on Nov. 13; heavy attendance expected, followed by an alumni band rehearsal. Full rehearsal with TMB slated for Saturday morning.
  • Survey results, 728 responses.
    • 96% plan to attend.
    • Trumpets, silks/flags and trumpets have highest participation.
    • 82% would attend jock rally.
    • 96% will or might attend Friday rehearsal. Michael Runzler

  • Publicly accessible, with “members only” site for exclusive TMBAA information.
  • Main features include news, membership (with member roster, In Memoriam and section for “lost members”), contact information (members only), downloadable music and videos.
  • Contact section allows direct communication with board members and committee chairs.
  • Future plans include section for members to provide updates on their personal lives.

Membership: Marty Lichtmann

  • Demographics:
    • 303 members as of June 20, exceeding first year-goal of 300.
    • 33% marched in the 70s. 23% in the 80s; about 14% in each of the 90s, 00s and 10s.
    • 24% are young alums under 35 years old.
    • 76% at Fanfare level; trumpets, clarinets and trombones most represented.
    • Most members from California, followed by Washington and Arizona. Members also in China, England and Spain.
  • Renewals:
    • Founding membership extended to June 30, 2021.
    • Dues payable now through Oct. 31.
    • All membership and renewals can be done on

Finance: Howie Szabo

  • Income: $94,814.31
    • $87,944.31 from membership; $5,550 from jock jackets
  • Expenses: $78,541.67
    • Program expenses: 89% (TMB support, jock jackets, membership benefits)
    • Operations: 9%
    • Professional fees: 1%
    • Alumni events: 1%

Dr. Bartner Q&A

  • Gala scheduled for May 2, 2021; possible venues: Coliseum, Galen Center, McCarthy Quad.
  • Band director search ongoing; applications being accepted through September.

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